’—Eighteen — Jesus
This is wrong, this is so goddamn wrong—’

”Why would is it wrong?
                It’s just a year, m’sieur.”

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          ‘—Ah. Excuse me.
Yeah — you. Can you tell me —
          what year is this?’

”Why, m’sieur it’s 1832. 
                    —- You look rather lost, should I say so.”

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"I loved your mother more then anything, but she loved you more. We could have been happy if it wasn't for you."

”Learn to wear protection when you’re out sticking your dick in anything that walks.”

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"Your mother. God, she always tried to vouch for you, say you were a good kid, but look at you. You're nothing more then a common murderer. "

”—- .. I do think it’s funny you say that. You didn’t even want to see her face— didn’t even fucking call when she was at her worst dying while I tried to help her.”

He didn’t know where the words came from but they — spilled out, in long angry 
and— bitter spits. So it was him. Montparnasse hardly knew him— only knew that
maman adored him to bits— asked him to call the man papa —- for he was. 

But he didn’t want that. 

”You’re literal scum.”

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"You killed her. God you were always such a mistake."

It took a moment for it to sink in. He didn’t recognise the man yet— his
voice seemed to make something stir within him. He knew that he 
somehow knew him— eyeing him quietly from his position on the stairs
he had found fit to sit on.

”—- .. Pardon?”

Brow raised, cigarette between his lips. Perhaps if he acted indifferent
— acted like he didn’t feel that small hint of recognition he’d reveal
himself to him.  

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Montparnasse’s grandparents don’t even know he exists. <3

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My Whole Family...
Artist: Bo Burnham

Played: 219 times



by bo burnham

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"I see… And what are you getting at?"

”I think you should watch Labyrinth with me. Now.”

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"Do what?"

”Remind me of the babe.”

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"Who do?"

”You do.”

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